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Easy Courses Guide - Manage Courses

Manage Courses

Let’s have a look through the Courses at EasyCourses > Courses.

You’ll see a list of all the Courses you’ve created.

  • User the Search Courses section to search through the existing courses.
  • Click the Delete icon to delete a course.
  • Clicking the name of the course will take you to the edit section for the course. And clicking the Students link will take you to the Students tab of the edit page.

On wide-screen devices, you’ll see a few extra options in the list.

You’ll see a Published column where you can easily publish or unpublish a course.

You’ll also see a Bulk Actions drop-down. You can tick any courses in the list, select an option from the drop-down and click Apply to apply an action to all the ticked courses.

The available Bulk Actions are as follows:

  • Publish
  • Unpublish
  • Delete

You can also hover your mouse over any course in the list to see a quick list of links.

Those links are as follows:

  • Edit – quickly get to the Course Overview page for this course
  • Units – go to the Units page
  • Students – go to the Students tab
  • View Course – view the course in the site’s front-end
  • View Units – view the units through the site’s front-end

Let’s have a look at the Course Overview for the course we created earlier by clicking the Edit link.

Course Overview

Here, you’ll see a number of tabs (Course OverviewUnits and Students) along with some other options.

  • You’ll see an accordion list of the various Steps created earlier. Click on any of them to expose the settings for each.
  • Quickly publish the course using the Publish Course switch.
  • Click the Preview button to see a preview of the Course in the site’s front-end.

Let’s go to the Students tab.