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Creating, managing and selling online courses in WordPress has never been easier.

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What is Easy Courses ?

Easy Courses is an advanced WordPress plugin that let you easily share and sell online courses, tutorials and lectures.

Easy Online Learning

Easy Courses makes online education simple with course pages, paywalls, social sharing, and an interactive learning environment that helps connect more students.

Interactive Learning

Embed video, audio files and images, share downloadable project files, create quizzes, allow students to submit coursework and participate in group discussions.

WooCommerce Integration

Build and manage the next big Academy, Tuts+ or Lynda with built-in WooCommerce. Start taking payments using any of the 100+ available payment options.

Manage Your Classroom

Manage students, instructors and courses like a pro with automatic grading and reporting, assessments, discussions and with students can track their progress from start to finish.

Reminders & Notifications

Drip release units and send notifications when new material is available. Automated and customizable notifications help both students and instructors stay on top of communications.

More Ways to Moderate

Make sure every question gets answered and assignments are graded quickly – even for the big classes. Add multiple instructors and course facilitators to stay on top of responses.

Completions Certificates

Easy Courses Pro lets you create custom styled, personalized printable completion certificates for each course.

More Quiz Options

Easy Courses includes more ways to assess your students – multi-answer, single choice, selectable, short answer, long answer, true and false and upload.


All Features

✨ Main Features
  • Unlimited course creation
  • Easy Courses management
  • Automated course assessment
  • Quiz upload and download
  • Share video, audio, text, and course files
  • Offer free and paid classes
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Forums & comments Pro
  • Import/Export Pro
  • Reports & notifications Pro
  • More unit input/output types (form, quiz, file upload …) Pro
📖 Course Details & Display
  • Add short overview and set course languages
  • Insert featured image
  • Add full description
  • Set course to a specific category or multiple categories
  • Course normal view mode (full units pages)
  • Course focus view mode (step by step) Pro
  • Display units in expended or normal mode
  • Show/hide overview structure
  • Show/hide estimated Time for lessons & units
  • Ability to show units without modules
  • Enable free preview on units & modules
  • Attach one or more instructor / facilitator
  • Invite new Instructors or facilitators Pro
  • Set course availability (start & end dates)
  • Ability to disable course end date
  • Set class size (students number) or set as unlimited Pro
  • Allow students to see course progress and grades
  • Allow students to see their course grades
  • Allow discussions in course Pro
✔️ Course Enrollment
  • Set course enrollment dates
  • Allow students to enroll at any time
  • Restrict enrollment to only registered users Pro
  • Restrict enrollment to registered users with passcode Pro
  • Restrict enrollment to registered users who completed prerequisite Pro
💸 Course Payment
  • Full Woocommerce integration
  • Ability to set full price on course edit
  • Ability to set sale price on course edit
  • Enable/disable sale price on course edit
  • Set course SKU code on course edit
  • Automatically generate Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) on course edit
  • Redirect WooCommerce product post to a parent course post
  • Delete product or change to draft when course become unpaid
  • Delete product or change to draft when course is deleted
📕 Course Completion
  • Set minimum grade required to mark course completion and send course certificate
  • Customize pre-completion page title & content
  • Customize completion page title & content
  • Customize failed page title & content
  • Set a custom certificate per course or use default Pro
📋 Certificate Customization
  • Custom certificate content
  • Change background image
  • Change logo image
  • Set logo position
  • Set content margin
  • Set page orientation (Landscape, Portrait)
  • Set text color
🗂️ Course Units
  • Add unlimited units to course
  • Set unit title, description and featured image
  • Set unit availability (instant, on date, after days)
  • Ability to force user to answer all required assessments and view all pages in order to access the next unit
  • Ability to force user to pass all required assessments in order to access the next unit
  • Ability to preview unit on course edit
  • Add multiple sections to unit
🎛️ Course Unit Sections
  • Set unit section title, description and featured image
  • Ability to show section header as part of unit
  • Support read-only and interactive modules
  • Add multiple modules to unit section
  • Support text, image, video, audio, file download modules
  • Support zipped object and discussion modules
  • Support single and multiple choice modules (interactive)
  • Support short module (interactive)
  • Support long answer module (interactive) Pro
  • Support selectable and file upload modules Pro
  • Support quiz module (interactive) Pro
  • Support form module (interactive) Pro
  • Set module title
  • Set student completion time limit on module
  • Set if interactive module response is required
  • Set if interactive module is assessable (gradable item)
  • Set minimum grade percent required to pass on interactive module
  • Set if interactive module can use duration as time restriction
  • Ability to allow and set amount of retries on interactive module
💼 Courses Management
  • Easy backend courses manager
  • Order courses by title, start/end date, enrollment start end.
  • Ability to preview course or all units
  • Manage students of a specific course
  • Duplicate course from courses list
  • Export course from courses list Pro
  • Customize columns, pagination and view mode of courses list
  • Search courses by keyword
👨‍🎓 Students Features
  • Ability to see all student enrolled courses
  • Ability to download student certificate
  • Check student workbook
  • Manage students of a specific course on edit
  • Ability to withdraw student from all courses
  • Invite students to course Pro
  • Send email to enrolled students
➕ More Features
  • More than 30 shortcodes supported
  • Customize all email templates
  • Set custom slug in URLs
  • Set custom login page
  • Set custom signup page
  • Set custom student dashboard page
  • Set custom student settings page
  • Microdata support for Better SEO
  • And more ...

Easy Courses


Creating, managing and selling online courses in WordPress has never been easier.

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